Immortal Romance Slot Game
July 8, 2024

Bonanza Megaways Slot feels like a very solid slots game, with a great free spins and free bonus offer.
Immortal Romance appears to have a great smooth running interface and clean pop up 3D animations. Such as the coins animation on wins, the block breaking animation on the actual slots and the dynamite animation in the WILD Gold bonus round. The theme is very western Klondike with that golden nugget element. It’s clear this is a player favorite and the game is quite fast in comparison to many other slots games on the market. Music theme is a little repetitive and borderline micro genius feel. As for interface border animations these are limited to simply the water mill and could be upgraded a notch. The text font could also be adjusted or modernized slightly however all in all a great player experience.

Powered by Microgaming, Immortal Romance Slot game is a very interesting game undoubtedly. Most people feel intimidated by the roles of a vampire. And now, you have a game in which you can live life among vampire, at least in virtual reality.

Microgaming is known for its incredible developers which designed multiple games that have quite a story to tell. And the same thing goes with Immortal Romance. This video slot game has an amazing vampire theme and works for every vampire game, except for the fans of Twilight of course.

Bleh! Bleh! Bleeeh! Who wouldn’t have seen Hotel Transylvania? Well, the real image of vampires is quite a myth, but you can always assume what you want to believe. So, if you also get excited hearing about vampires, then you will feel amazing playing this game. With Free Spins, incredible story, and additional bonus program, you will enjoy the storyline for the game too.

Immortal Romance Overview

Review this video slot game of love designed by Microgaming. If you fancy the stories where love is immortal, and romance never ends, then this slot would be the perfect opportunity for you. The players get to experience a never-ending love story that so many plot-twists and win huge cash prizes in between.

Join the journey of Immortal Romance Slot and experience what the slot holds for you. You must have seen many online slots that have utilized the vampire theme in the game, but some designers do it better than others. Microgaming is one of those designers. So, you can get a brief idea of what the Immortal Romance is offering the players.

The gameplay involves four main characters like Michael, Sarah, Troy, and Amber. The slot even has a background story for all these characters. Before you even start to play, you'll know that the two male characters are vampires, and the female characters are their soon-to-be-partners ready to fall for them head over heels.

Immortal Romance Slot Game Storyline

The Immortal Romance Slot game starts with characters Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah. First, you need to understand how the characters are connected to each other. So, don’t get the spoilers before you really try out the game. There is no Vampire Diaries or Dracula story in the game. You might even think that the concept of the story is even a little bit creepy. But you will surely enjoy it. So, get a little creative and gamble as you live the story of Immortal Romance.

The story of Immortal Romance is a perfect combination of a love story, soap opera, and a simple video slot. So, here is a brief review of the characters:

  • Amber is a descendant from the line of Caribbean witches.
  • Troy is a vampire that comes from Hungary.
  • Michael is a professor of genetics also a vampire.
  • Sarah is mere mortal or should we say human who is looking for a cure for everlasting youth.

There are certain symbols in the game that is used in the gameplay. The Door knocker is a scatter that triggers the Chamber of Spins feature. The logo is used as a Wild substitute for the regular symbols. The slot games are obviously for betting real money. So, all you need to do is to land three matching symbols on the successive reels and you will start winning payouts. Isn’t it simple enough?

The coin denomination ranges from £0.01 to £0.10 and the gamers can choose to place the coins from 1 to 10. The lowest wager that can be earned form a bet is £0.30 and the best cannot exceed an amount of £30. Along with understanding the story, the control panel is also super easy to operate. Whether it is the standard options of Paytables, Coin Denomination, Bet Max, Spin, or Coins, you can deal with all the features easily.

Immortal Romance Slot In-Game Bonus Feature

Here are some features of Immortal Romance that would attract you to play the game. The in-game Free Spins will provide you additional benefits to play and win big amount of money from the bets.

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol in the game is the slot's logo. It substitutes for all symbols except for Scatter. This feature can double the pay-out by forming a winning combination.

Wild Desire:

This random bonus feature gives you one extra spin along with random wild reels, most probably up to five. It is a rare hit but it surely comes in handy sometimes to give you extra gifts for the gameplay.

The Chamber of Spins:

Just enter the chamber of spins when you get at least 3 or more golden lion symbols stacked up anywhere on the reels. This will provide you access to 4 characters and as you move forward with the game, additional features get unlocked.

Immortal Romance Free Spins Feature

Amber Free Spins Feature:

The witch and best friend to Sarah from the first storyline give you a Free bonus of 10 spins with 5x multipliers. The witch will do everything possible to protect her best friend, even if she has to kill someone.

Troy Free Spins Feature:

That’s the benefit of the slot games as you get multiple bonus features. This bonus is related to the playboy character Troy which is a 200-year-old aristocratic vampire. The character will give you 20 free spins once unlocked along with some random multipliers on the reels.

Michael Free Spins Feature:

Going with the character of Michael, the 800-year-old vampire who barely remembers how it felt like to be a human, he gives 20 free spins as a bonus. It will also make the symbols disappear from the screen and you can tumble down more symbols for the much bigger wins.

Sarah Free Spins Feature:

The lead role of a brilliant scientist comes with a bonus of 25 free spins that replicates across the reels and gives the players big bonuses.

Immortal Romance Graphics and Theme

The overall graphics and theme of the slot are quite appealing. The story of the slot rests initially on the visuals and the incredible soundtrack. There are two aspects for which the players love this casino slot. You will find yourself in Gothic church or cathedral type architecture with Gargoyles acting as the keeper of the reels.

The slot symbols are in the form of playing cards from 9 to Ace. And all the cards from King to Ace, you will be able to get rewards up to 5 times the amount you put on stake. After that, you will come across the symbol of a piece of paper and quill, an external shot of the gothic castle, and then the characters of Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah. All these symbols combine to increase the winning to 3333 times of the original stake.

Immortal Romance Slot Gameplay

Now that you know the symbol, it is time to understand the gameplay. The slots are alluring as there are five reels and three rows altogether. Hence, the Immortal Romance Slot provides a total of 243 ways to win. Considering other slots on the internet, this video slot offers an appealing inclusion for winners.

Immortal Romance Slot Game Payouts

As Microgaming made sure that the game stays interactive for the gamblers, they also made sure that the payouts are also easy. With so many opportunities of winning big rewards, you can stay relaxed about the payouts too. Mainly it is the Logo Wild slot that pays the most. It offers 50 times the best for five of kind.  Sarah can provide you 16 times of the best for the maximum combination while Michael can only give you 15 times of the bet. With the Chamber of Spins, you can expect massive wins. As now the game is also available for mobile phones, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime without a hitch.

Players can make a bet between the coin values from 0.01 and 0.02. Then you can choose between one and ten coins and activate them during the spin accordingly. This means that your wager can be between 30 cents and 60 cents per spin in Euros. There is also a feature called Bet Max that will help the players to obtain maximum wager on their bet instantly.

The Last Breath

We all can agree that slot games can be a little difficult to understand. But you won't have this problem with Immortal Romance. Microgaming has taken all steps to make the gameplay nice and easy. With an RTP of 96.86%, this casino slot will give you the chance to win a maximum payout of 12000 times of your stake. The 243 paylines will help you to earn as much as possible.

So, place your bet smartly, and you might end up winning big. So, overall, we can say that Immortal Romance is worth your time, efforts, and money.

With the most popular slot games, you can win more than you expect. All you need to do is move along with the story-line and place the bets smartly. The game has an array of features and playable across all devices. Even though it is hard to get the Michael and Sarah free spins, you can get lucky anytime and end up winning a great deal of cash.



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