Our Favorite Online Slots

With todays never ending choice of available online casino slot games its hard to choose the best or most satisfying online casino slot game. Having spent months reviewing hundreds of slots one realizes there are quite an option in the market and many that simply shouldn’t be out there. Taking about the types of online casino slots games I myself have broken down into three main categories of preference with my main interest being jackpot slot games. Ultimately “we aren’t here to fuck spiders” as the Ozzy’s say and the ultimate goal of playing a slot game should be to go big or go home!

mega moolah jackpot slot

The best of Jackpot slots or sluts!

Having played hundreds of different slot games this year I would have to say my so far favorites slot games stands with no other than Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. Though and oldy this game just maintains a fantastic player balance of timely payouts. Now this isn’t a paid post more so I never really liked the brand however when is comes to big payouts and obscene jackpots Microgaming just seems to reign it in. The game itself looks classic and uses a semi animated two-dimensional illustrated reel set to attract its players and the classic savanna or better yet Lion King version as I call it just has the right amount of wins vs swearing in comparison to other slot games. The bonus round which comes around just enough to keep a player engaged while either giving a super decent end of bonus round payout or feeling like you have been proper shafted. The game itself is quite a simple slot with not that many payout lines, animation or reels in comparison to more modern-day slots and mega ways but provides a player with a sense of trust. Having spent enough time on this slot to know well enough  the bonus rounds are real and do payout it’s the most likely game I would return to with a staggering ten millions and above in jackpot prize combined with enough bonsu rounds to keep a player enraged I would certainly maintain this as my all time favorite when going for gold.

The rest of the market!

There are as stated above thousands of other options to choose from when looking for online casino slots with many having been drafted into the online world from the more traditional land based casino or in some cases those dodgy pubs and bars your parents warn you not to enter as its loaded with drug dealers and perverts. Though in saying that some of the classics still work, one of which is jackpot jester 50000, an all time classic with a Harley quin looking character and the standardized card hand symbols to go with. Not a game I would play but played and searched for quite a bit and with some recent nearly unnoticeable animations the game still seems to be going strong. Looking now at the more modern type slot games like the slots produced by provider like Quickspin, Thunderkick and many other more modern slot producers its clear more time and investment is going into the sector with some incredible animations coming out of such houses. The games however seem to at some point defeat themselves with so many animations and competitions for best graphics these products seem to just have a shorter shelf life with many hyping for mere months before players move onto the next more updated graphical online casino slot game. The model though interesting for players to try out just doesn’t seem sustainable as some casinos today offer players thousands of games to choose from and begs the question if a player tries so many games was is the age old likelihood of getting paid out on these games. Looking at the basic rule of a game needs to have some string play to hit the big payout what guarantee these games will ever pay out both for the players and the slots providers who take months if not years developing them.

jackpot jester 50000 slot game banner

The future is in recycling

Going back to the more classic games or recent classics players of online casino slot games will notice a more recent trend in recycling of more recent classics like the famed Book of Raw. I find however there are two types of recycling in this market the first case of slot providers either creating similar titles to obtain player interest and online traffic such as the above mentioned classic book of raw vs the more recent book of dead both an Egyptian themed slot game with their own bonus functionality or the later and more recent mega ways game remakes such as the upcoming Gonzos Quest Mega ways which is a decent remake of the extremely successful Gonzos Quest by Netent. Though the recnet update will likely have far more animations and potential for bonuses the general slots theme is heavily focused on retaining past markets as those players who enjoyed Gonzos quest on its original launch will certainly return to try out the updated mega ways version, who knows whether this trend will last however for now many houses are following this theme with updated versions of all even the slightest successful slot games.

Winning Big

Going back to choosing the right game ultimately all the games are designed on the either of those players winning big and if one had to choose I would always go for the jackpot over the mega ways version of a game. The idea of someone having to win an accumulated pool of funds gathered through a small percentage of the total amount of money played on the games give that monopoly feeling when landing on free parking and just feels like the reward is more interesting that likely having the same odds to hit a jackpot a fraction of the mega moolah size.

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