Artemis vs Medusa

Artemis vs Medusa Slot Game

The twin sister of Apollo, Artemis goes head to head in the battle of the reels amidst a cast of Greek gods, demi-gods and mythical beings . Although there is not much information on this slot game as yet, we know what we have learnt to expect from the trio of Swedish whiz-kids who are the founders of Quickspin and have managed, in under ten years, to spread over the three extreme points of Europe and put together a team whose members hail from nearly 30 countries and is about a hundred strong.

The Cast

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood Greek mythological characters, Medusa goes head to head against Artemis on this very likable 5 reel, 4 row slot game which will feature other mortals and immortals from the Greek tales. Amongst other protagonists, hence higher value symbols we will be seeing minataurs, griffons, harpies and Medusa which pay within a range of between 2.5x and 15x the staked bet for a set of five, whereas on the side of the lower value symbols we find the four different coloured, diamond shaped precious stones which bring in no more than 1x, or 2x for a show of five. The highest payout of all eleven symbols is that of Artemis herself who is worth no less than 25x the bet when you land 5. Any of the higher pay symbols that land during the base game may randomly carry a Monster Bounty coin with them. Should there be any such coins visible on the reels when a gold framed Artemis lands on the 5th , these are collected and a Bounty Payout is rewarded. The amount depends on the value of the symbol that it comes with, as well as the number of coins on the reels. The mean values of harpies, griffons and minotaurs  are  2x, 4x and 8x in the same order and a more attractive 15x for the ringleader herself, Medusa. The Wild in this slot game is represented by the Golden Antlers card which can substitute for all regular symbols- except the scatter, to help create, or complete winning combinations.

Artemis vs Medua Special Features

Quickspin has gone to some length here to make this game that little bit different from the norm. Equipped with weapons and ready for battle, Artemis takes on the clan of Greek deities of man and gods to ultimately obliterate them all in a somewhat departure from the original traditional ancient tales of Crete. This 4 row on 5 reel format nestled amongst constellations in the realms of mythological deities and creatures from ancient Greece boasts no fewer than 1,000 win ways which I doubt anyone  had anticipated or saw coming. In addition it also comes with a bagful of goodies including Monster Bounty Coins, Battle Feature and best of all the Unlimited Battle Free Spins that can lead players to a total top win of well over 5000 times the staked bet, but anyone can tell you that such wins come at astronomical low odds, so don’t hold your breath. The meter which we have seen in other Quickspin slots is also featured here in this game, and apart from paying out whenever an opponent is eliminated, also makes for some interesting game play.  The slot has been given a medium to high volatility rating by the creators themselves and has an RTP of 96.12%. Gone are the days when the average RTP was at 97% but everyone has now learnt not to expect any better.

Unlimited Battle Feature

This happens whenever 3 scatters land on the reels. This feature changes the dynamics of the game and also the potential. Once this feature is triggered, the characters go into animated action in a different, higher dimension where the battles are to take place. Here is where Artemis is confronted by her opponents and with every manifestation of her image on the reels, an opponent is eliminated, starting from the lowest value symbol and up, dishing out rewards as they do, until either all the challengers are slain, or the meter reaches the maximum of 9 or 15 bars- not quite sure! That’s when the free spins feature comes to an end and the game play returns to the base. The facts are that the odds to hit the highest potential of 5,286x the stake is about the same as hitting a random combination of numbers from one to fifty in numerical order, so for the vast majority, plus one, prepare to settle for far less than that, but the payouts are not bad at all, if it’s your lucky day

Conclusion, or opinion, rather

Like many, if not most, such slots that change game play, and this one is not an exception, can have many-a-punter reaching for the roof at times when all seemed well within reach, but that’s the way high volatility slots go before they actually make any significant payouts, and with RTP’s steadily on the decrease one cannot realistically expect anything other than that, although the math show the potential is there for the taking. With a bet range starting from 0.20 to 100 coins and a top win of well over 5200x the staked bet, one cannot but be impressed. Furthermore, Artemis Versus Medusa offers a clever and somewhat different game play with animations that set it apart from many other slots. Quickspin mechanics and graphics set their slot games in a class of their own, and even if they may not appeal to every player in general, especially those who prefer no frills, hardcore gambling, they certainly promote originality and innovation. The soundtrack is none too intrusive and the graphics are clean and crisp, if not altogether classical. This slot game’s due launch is set for the middle of the summer, so we'll just have to wait and see how well it does. I have no reason to doubt that it will find a following, especially among those players who cannot resist Quickspin’s slightly more complicated plots, math and mechanics. I bid you well!

The images are taken from Assassins Creed Video Game.

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