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Dead or Alive 2 Slot Game

We all would agree that the original Dead or Alive game needs no introduction. The Dead or Alive 2 Slot has gained legendary status and still, it is a top game in the market today. If you’ve ever tried a slot game in the casino, you will know that Dead or Alive is ranking high on the chart. Truly speaking, this is not bad for a game which is 10 years old.

The Dead or Alive slot by NetEnt has more than enough features. With the conversion to the HTML5 format, the players expected that almost every feature of Dead or Alive is changed. But that was not the case. The sequel shares many similar traits with the original version of the game. in the main game, all the action takes place in an Old Western town. But the most distinguishing feature is the free spins where you can pick from 3 games.

Join the Heist!

Keeping the original cut of Dead or Alive was hard for the design team of NetEnt. But after a series of hard work, they succeeded in the goal and created the perfect platform. As you start the game, you will find the all-time playing card suite which is classic. It is followed by a bottle of booze, weathered cowboy boots, a pistol with holster, a cowpoke hat, and a sheriff’s badge in the specific series. The wild symbols are also a nice touch in the game. These are the points where you get to meet the old gang who is again headed for the bad things.

Wilds narrow down the usual suspects which are Jesse James, Apache Kid, Billy the Kid, Belle Starr, and Delia Rose. As you see the animated characters, you will get a kick. As you hit the scatters, the Dead or Alive 2 Bonus feature will be activated. But you have to make sure that you hit at least three scatters at once. The scatters are represented by a pair of pistols. The 5-reel slot game has 3 rows along with 9 fixed paylines. You will get smooth gameplay with the DOA II in mobile and desktop both.

The top features of the game are explained below. When you play the game, you get three choices of play of the 3 different games. And each game has unique mathematics and volatility.

  • Train Heist: The train heist feature has an increasing multiplier. The wild lands on the reels and the multiplier increases by 1. An extra spin is also added in your total with this. If the multiplier reaches the 16 times limit, you will get 5 additional free spins for the game.  
  • Old Saloon: The old saloon is basically the same as of the previous version. All the wins of the game are multiplied by 2 and the wild lands on the reels lock the position for the rest of the bonus. If you land all 5 outlaws, then you will be awarded 5 extra spins for the game.
  • High Noon: By far, it is the most volatile option in the Dead or Alive game zone. The High Nonfree spins use the NetEnt’s MAX concept and come with a record-breaking win of almost 100,000 times of the stake. The same feature of the Old Saloon also applies here as you can win free spins. But you have to land one or more than one wild on any reel. As they multiply, your win increases. 2 wilds mean that you get a 2X multiplier, 3 wilds mean that you get a 3X multiplier, and so on.

Prepare For A Free Spin Rollercoaster!

While compiling for a review on the Dead or Alive II, we noticed that you can win about 12,000 to 100,000 times of your original bets which makes the slot worth your while. The slot has a requirement that you prepare for the roller coaster ride. As you enter the free spins mode, you can virtually end with no win or a monster win. With a massive increase in the winning potential for over 100,000x of the amount, you put on your stake.

NetEnt has practically bundled the original version of Dead or Alive and threw some new features in the game. You will be amazed to know how many games NetEnt has modified. They have mastered the Best Slot Games designs and deliver the quality games that people like to enjoy.

Dead or Alive is celebrating the 10 year anniversary and NetEnt has a sequel that is perfect for the gamers. It has not only retained the dignity of the brand but also strengthen the features of the game. In every game session, you will experience ample suspense that will keep you interested in the game until the end.

Dead or Alive 2 Final Verdict

We reviewed the game with an expectation that the prequel can’t go anywhere near the original version. But we came out with a new and amazing experience. NetEnt kept the legacy living and we can assure you that you would enjoy the slot a lot.

The thrill of scoring thousands from mere penny bets, the excitement never runs out. So, we can assure you that Dead or Alive II is the sequel which will be worth your whole. So, if you are ready to chase the wild line on Dead or Alive, then play the slot directly from NetEnt platform and win real money.


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