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Feng Shui Kitties Slot Game

Do you know what is better than playing Feng Shui Kitties? The answer is playing Feng Shui Kitties Slot.

This game is not something that you will find easily on the internet. If you like fun and cute games, then Feng Shui Kitties gives you an opportunity to enjoy one. This game will prove that there are 3-reel slot machines on the internet which are fun and interesting. In this game, you will get the Chinese Luck theme which is quite rare for the classic slot machines layout.

Blooming Games have released this slot game so that the kitty lover can enjoy the game with their favorite theme and win some money with it. The game can be described in simple words with a short and concise description.

The game area is 3×3 reels, it gives 10 fixed limes on them, and it can pay you around 40,000 from each combination forms. Along with the basic gameplay, there are free spins, scatters, wilds, substitutes, and multipliers up to 8 times features in the slot.

Feng Shui Kitties Theme

When it comes to theme, Feng Shui Kitties don’t have a regular 3-reel category. The game has classic Chinese theme with unique graphics. For this category of the slot game, the theme looks perfect. As for the symbols in the game, the Wild logos are made out of Bamboo; there are 8x icons, free spins logos, White Lucky cats, Golden lucky Cats, and three symbols which have the Chinese gold coins on it. The 1, 2, and 3 coins are tied together on it.

Betting and Prizes

Starting with Feng Shui Kitties Slot betting feature, you don’t have to worry much about the money that you should wager. The game is easily accessible with the minimum amount of 0.01 per line for the betting. Or you can also put a total of 0.10 on all lines.

If you want to increase your wins significantly, then you can also choose to bet 50 per line giving a total of 500 per spin.

The more you bet, the more your chances of a big win. Ideally, you will get only 10 times the amount you put on stake. But if luck is in your corner, then you can take help of the multipliers and win a total of 40,000 from a single combination. The odds of winning are enough to capture the players in this slot.

Feng Shui Kitties Slot features

Despite the three reels that make up this slot game area, players have some thrilling multipliers to get access to more basic features that are offered by the slot. The Wild symbol of the slot is one of the basic features that players will use it in other combinations if it shows once or twice on a reel. However, if you are able to get three, then you will get access to the game jackpot feature, best Feng Shui Kitties Bonus. Plus, three wilds also activate the two-way pay so that you can be paid twice.

The second reel can host the 8x wild that you can use it as a substitute for regular wilds as well as other types of game symbols also, although the scatters are excluded.

Any winning combination with 8x wild will contribute to win and get to see its reward or prize increased by that particular amount. Thus, it is providing you with a huge payout as compared to those regular or basic wins at least.  Now, it comes to the scatter symbol and it is one that marked with free spins. The scattered places make sure that it does not matter where the game symbol falls, but you need to land three visible symbols.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of 3-reel games, then you can always try one of the Best Slot Games designed by Booming Games. The controls of this game are very straightforward. The features are well balanced to ensure that the players can win through the slot. In addition to the features, the game is accessible from all devices.

The excellent graphics, catchy soundtrack, and the surrounding will take you back to Ancient China where you can enjoy betting in the old style. So far, the game has a positive response from the players which means it is performing well in the market. Leave your worries behind and take a hold of Fen Shui Kitties Slot to see if you can win or not.


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