Gates of Babylon Slot Game

Are you ready to step into the kingdom of Ancient Mesopotamia from 18th to 6th centuries BC? Here you will read the review of the popular Gates of Babylon Slot game in detail.

This is time to enter the majestic gates and find the ancient treasures in the exciting world. The game is designed by Kalamba Games and it has lots of features that you will enjoy. If you don’t remember Babylon, you should know that it is the most famous city in Mesopotamia. And the most interesting fact is that people believed the city was protected by Gods. For a very long time, the city was home to the many powerful rulers who walked the face of the earth. And each of them encouraged prosperity among their people.

So, this is the time you try to find prosperity and earn wins that are massive. This thrilling 40-line slot is packed of fantastic features. Gates of Babylon is a slot game that has a payout of 96% to 97% using the normal mode and the special features.

Gates of Babylon Theme

Starting with the theme of the game, Gates of Babylon has the theme of an epic Hollywood movie. It is the modern day Iraq which used to be a “God City” in the old times. It is pretty strange that no movie is made that pay homage to this legendary city. But Kalamba took a new approach and built an interesting game from the old eastern kingdoms. Various rubies, red, yellow, purple, green, and blue color represent the lower end of the symbols. You will also encounter the Silver and Gold coins which have superpowers in the slot. These coins give Extra Spins feature in the game.

For a special touch in the game, the designers and developers of Gates of Babylon have also added music in the background so that you can feel the aura of the ancient Mesopotamia.

Gates of Babylon Slot Features

The special features of Babylon slot are explained below. With these features, you can earn Gates of Babylon Bonus and win real prizes. So, take a look at these.

Gold Coin Wilds: The Gold Coin symbols are a substitute for every other symbol in the slot with an exception of bonus symbols and the Silver coins. The Wild Symbols and Full Column Wild Symbols are really wild and substitute for all the symbols except the bonus symbols, Silver Coin Symbols, and the Gold Coin Symbols.

Wild Column Feature: When the Gold Coin symbols appear in the columns 1, 3, and 5, you get awarded a Ruby for the column on which the symbol appears. Each column has a counter of Rubies that are persevered between the spins. As you play the base game, if three rubies have been accumulated in a column, the Wild Column feature will come into action. During this feature in play, all positions in the column become wild and remain wild for additional spins as well. It ends when there are no more rubies left for that column in the counter.

Free Spins Bonus: This feature is used when three bonus symbols appear on the screen simultaneously. Then the game imitates the Gates of Babylon free spins bonus with 10 spins. As this round is going on, the Silver Coin symbols appear on the 2 and 4 reels. And with the symbols, you will also get one extra free spin for the gameplay.

Mission Features: This feature is activated when one or several symbols are gathered during the number of spins. An award is paid when the matching symbols collected in all spins attain the final number. The Missions are available in three categories. The first one is for the total number of the Wild Symbols collected in the slot. The second category is the total number of character symbols gathered during the slot. And the third category is for the total number of Silver Coin Symbols and Bonus symbols collected in the slot.

Betting Options and Functions

In general, the RTP of Gates of Babylon is estimated to 97.265 which is pretty good. As you play the game, you will notice some controls and several options on the player’s dashboard. There is a progress bar which indicates where you stand in the mission you are currently trying to complete and how close you are to get the next multiplier.

The “I” button allows the players to change the mission and get detailed information related to the impending missions. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the little cogwheel. It opens up several screens which include special features, payline diagrams, symbols, game rules, controls, etc. Along with all this, you can also set the bet size ranging from 0.40 to 8.00. Your total win is displayed on the screen inside the Bet display section. To its right, there will be the Current Win option. And at the rightmost part of the screen, there will be an Autospin option with the Spin button.

Final Verdict

Looking at the features, the game might look complicated to you. But once you start playing Gates of Babylon, it will come out as one of the Best Slot Games. Kalamba has invested a lot of hard work in the game and it seems like the slot game is getting all the attention expected from it. With the impressive theme, smart visual execution, and unique features like Wild Columns and Missions, the game is giving a strong competition to the other popular slot games in the market.

So, start playing Gates of Babylon and see whether the slot is right for you. There is a potential colossal win in the game with huge multipliers. So, don’t think that the game is not worth it. It might be underrated, but Gates of Babylon will give you the big wins that you want.


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