Gladiators Go Wild

Gladiators Go Wild Slot Game

Why did the Gladiators Go Wild? And wild they did go, too. Made more famous than ever before by the block buster movie, Gladiator. The gladiators were the first ever so called celebrities, very much like the celebrities of today. These warriors who rose from the ashes of total obscurity, like the starring actor of the epic movie himself, Russell Crow, and became famous, or infamous because of the important role they played in their society’s entertainment. The vast majority of the gladiators of Rome, and indeed the Roman Empire, began their careers as no more than the enemies of the empire, itself. Disobedient slaves, criminals were the order of the day. Save of course, the odd citizen of Rome who sought fame and glory and due to his humble and lowly social background had no other possibility to capture the attention of the higher classes, ultimately the Emperor of Rome, himself.

Gladiators go wild inside the Colosseum

Well, this is the way it goes. You live, or you die. Notwithstanding, the playing card suits, black jack cards, are there, but do little more for the player than fill in spaces and get in the way. Their winnings are mediocre and I can safely say not for what any punter would wage his time, never mind money, on. This slot game comes with six reels, three rows and ten pay lines. These lines are payable from left to right and right to left, but with six rows not five, there could be many-a-time you could be left dangling. The higher pay outs come from none other than the gladiators themselves. There are four gladiators, one of whom is to particularly watch out for. There are few payouts worth playing this game for and the bearded gladiator in the gold helmet is the one who initiates the highest pay outs of this slot game.


Gladiators Go Wild has some but, for some reason, not all of the features that the average player looks out for in a slot game today. It is missing some of what your everyday player would consider to be standard features in most run-of-the-mill online slot games. There are no free spins, and the usual bonus rounds are virtually nonexistent. However there is a feature that one may say is unique and worth playing this game for. The stacked wild. It is a clever and rather innovative addition which this game has to its only advantage. As the gladiators land, they stick, and as they do, they immediately go wild, thus completing any winning combinations to the player’s maximum advantage. Furthermore, when they complete an additional row, they once again stack and stick for the following paid spin. This is where the slot game is at its best stage to award the player the most lucrative rewards and payouts it has been designed to offer its players.


The playing card suits or black jack symbols, which range from 10 to Ace are the lower paying symbols and do little more than keep the reels busy with little or nothing to try for at all.. There are four gladiators characters who come with distinguishable coloured helmets and brandish different types of period weapons. Likewise they also rake in four different types of winnings. The one most worth keeping an eye out for is no doubt the bearded gladiator with the gold helmet. Six of whom, anywhere on the reels will pay out 400 coins, providing you’re playing at a maximum wager of 10 coins per spin. However, all four gladiators become expanding wilds and when a minimum of three fall on a reel. These will then transform and expand along the reels and remain there as wilds for the next spin. Any further stacked wilds will also stick as they land. When there are four stacks of gladiator wilds, they will then trigger off the bigger wins which this, otherwise rather uneventful, game has to offer.

Quo Vadis?

The colourful reels of bright reds and purples together with the ever present dramatic music we have come to associate with such Roman scenes, all go toward the brilliant amphitheatre atmosphere this set up is meant to create. However, as far as the whole package itself is concerned, it falls a little short. Gladiators Go Wild does not really stand to the occasion, sadly. For a theme that has so much that could be exploited, it really leaves much to be desired. There are so many interesting symbols that could have adorned the six reels instead of those black jack suits. The period weapons alone, used by the gladiators, would warrant an inventory for themselves. Not enough research, it seems, was put into this subject matter, leaving it more like a half baked effort of a theme. A great departure from what we have come to expect from its makers, iSoftBet, who have created some of the best and most innovative slot games available today.

Thumbs up, or thumbs down

As for the slot game itself, and its functions and features. Well, the expanding , sticky wilds do come across as interesting, but they stand rather lonely with the absence of everything else that is missing, such as multipliers, free spins and bonuses. Gladiators Go Wild has a decent RTP of 96%. A medium variance game played on six reels, three rows high. It boasts 10 pay lines and a win both ways system which gives this slot game an average risk rating. It is not by any measure what could be called a waste of time, far from it, but it does not really compare favourably with other slot games of a similar theme. This slot game may not become the favourite of many players, but it will certainly  be an interesting experience to watch the reels turn into tall gladiators thrusting their weapons into the blood soaked sand of those arenas that once entertained the peoples of the longest lasting empire that changed the world.

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  2. I don't think the title of your enticle matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the enticle.

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