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Greek Gods Slot Game

Olympus, home of the Greek Gods slot and the amazing Temple of Gods, Zeus is progressing you up the unshakable mountain and releasing the bright exhibition entrances into the free spins realm.

A spectacular gold slot game from Greece pays homage to the divine by godliness, by artfulness, and by chance! Pragmatic Play takes you on to the victor’s triumph at the peak of Mount Olympus, where you are welcomed to carry some gold to the Greek slots by the god-like higher power of lightning Zeus and his sister-wife the Queen of the supreme beings Hera.

Perhaps of all the mythologies in the western world the oldest, and arguably the one which all others derive from, is Greek Mythology. Dating back to around 3000 BC from the Minoan civilization on the Mediterranean island of Crete which is also said to be the birth place of Zeus, king of the of the gods who in turn was, himself, the offspring of the Titans.  As was Aphrodite, the most beautiful of all the Olympian gods who is said to have risen from the foam of the sea when her father, a Titan, was slain and his genitals thrown into the Mediterranean. However, she is also fabled to be Zeus’ own daughter as there are conflicting stories about her origin. Northern and Roman mythologies you will find have almost identical gods who also wielded similar weapons of choice with parallel powers. Although, the Norsemen showed more empathy towards mortal man compared to the Roman and Greek gods who often were at odds with humans and one other.

Greek fantastic slot is a completely individual slot because your paylines work from top right now with the additional free spin additions. The final award is rendered for the most remarkable purpose of the reels. 

A game with the strongest, perfect human beings, Pragmatic Play provides you an unmissable welcome to ascend the glorious Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus, the house of celestial beings, is believed to be run by one of the most powerful Greek Gods in ancient history: the mighty emperor Zeus from Greek mythology. In the same way, his significant other was close by and a few deities and Greek characters felt her wrath.

Greek gods, the creator of lightning, Zeus and his life partner, Hera, are the most assured flighty figures of the Greek God slot game. There are 243 different methods to win each spin and a standardized five-wheel 3-push course of action. If you spin the reels, Zeus could hit the reels to get the free spins primed and prepared for a big bonus! 

Play the Gods and beat the odds

Greek Gods is a mythological themed slot game whose main characters are none other than Zeus and Aphrodite and a handful of their favourite toys. With an interface modelled on the famous Athena columns on Mount Olympus in Athens. The symbols are spread on 5 reels and 3 rows. It does not have a progressive jackpot but it has an assortment of random prize features which are displayed over the third, fourth and fifth reels and awarded during the base game. Greek Gods Slot has a medium volatility rating with an RTP of 96.5%. It also offers a betting range that starts at 0.25 and goes all the way up to 125.00 which makes this game a safer game for the less adventurous punter to play, as well as a lucrative one for the higher roller since it has an accumulative potential payout of 125,000 coins, not to mention a massive 240 win ways, or paylines, if you prefer.

Greek Gods characters and symbols

The higher value symbols are obviously the Gods, Zeus and Aphrodite, followed by Zeus’ most impressive tricks like the Thunderbolt scatter and the wild card, together with some of their favorite palace inventory such as cups or chalices and harps that can award entertaining wins enough to keep you interested in the game. Better still, some combinations can lead the way to free spins and features that award up to 1000x total stake. Of course, the ever present lower value playing card symbols Ace to Ten are also there, which naturally decrease in value as they follow suit. More deities would have possibly made this slot game a trifle more interesting for the punters and exploited the incredible potential this theme has to offer in terms of icons, colourful gods and demi-gods in replacement of the playing card suits which would be put to better use in slot games whose themes are more casino oriented and perhaps offer fewer tools to work with to the creators.

Lightning awards! 

Unforeseeable distinctions on reels three, four, and five appear during the base game per spin. If you get a full heap of disseminate symbols on one of these reels, the prize at the top will be conceded!

Money prize – direct win of up to 50x your wager 

Reward – triggers the Wheel of Fortune reward game.

Free spins – triggers the free spins highlight 

Scatter, features and Wild

The Thunderbolt scatter is the one to watch out for in Greek Gods Slot, as it activates the free spin feature when at least 3 of them appear on the reels. This is providing they land on reels 3, 4 and 5. Five Thunderbolt scatters will generate a minimum of eight free spins, however once the free spin mode has been triggered, additional free spins can be acquired wherever more scatters land on any of the five reels. Worth mentioning that during the base game random prizes will appear on top of reels 3, 4, and 5 and above all five reels during free spins. Get a full reel of stacked scatters and the prize indicated above that reel is yours! These random prizes can be any one of the following, more free spins, up to 50x your bet, or better still, the Wheel of Fortune. This is the only way to get to the Wheel of Fortune feature which is the most innovative and exciting stage of the game. Furthermore this giant wheel pays out the most serious winnings that can be had in this slot game. It is here that the player comes in with a chance to win a total of up to 1000x their stake on the spins. Next comes the wild card which can substitute for almost all cards to help complete winning combinations except for the scatter, although it’s not absolutely clear what it is able to rake in for a full set of its own kind. But at the end of the day there are over 240 win ways, so this game isn’t short of possibilities and payways.

Greek Gods Free Spins and rewards 

In the event that the free spin function is powered by choice, you need five dispersion symbols to enable it. There are three free spins similarly as for each scatter image that is permitted to set the part, one additional free spins. The distinctions appear on all rolls during the free spins function. The basic game will allow you to win a containment point of 36 free spins, while you can win up to 40 free spins on the free spins option right away. You can keep retriggering an ever increasing number of free spins during the element! 

Greek Gods Game Features

The Greek Gods slot has a crazy picture of a beautiful title that can replace any symbol other than the lightning bolt disperse.  In the Greek Gods Game It can land on any reel, while the scatter can only be found on reels 3, 4 and 5. The remaining images blend Zeus, his significant other, a harp, a magnificent vessel and five card portraits.

The Gods of Bonus

At a time when the Wheel of Fortune is awarded in the base game and free spins feature, a random reward can be won 10 times the wager and up to 1,000 times!

Greek Gods Graphics and Sound

Greek Gods has a heavenly plan that’s pleasant for a lord and his better half with the gold shading plan. The reels are placed in the center of two vibrant columns that empower the sanctuary of Zeus. On brilliant stone squares over the reels you will see unpredictable honors on either side, as well as two statues of warriors that are smaller than expected. From all angles, the size of the greek gods home Mount Olympus can be seen.The light is brightly shining on the columns and beautifully shining on gods. The sky is also a brilliant shade and all the symbols on the reels are glistening with gold. The music is especially good to meld because it makes you feel like you are part of the mythology, but as it can be bright it is quiet in darkness.  At the base of the sanctuary, you can discover all the game controls and the Autoplay alternative as well. 

Greek Gods Payouts 

There are 243 different ways to win in Greek Gods and all images pay from left to directly on adjoining reels, from left to right. Zeus is the most lucrative image in the game, worth 1x your stake for three of a sort, 2.4x for four, and a top prize of 6x. The Hera image is straightaway and is worth somewhere in the range of 0.8x and 5x your wager. The harp image is worth payouts running from 0.4x to 4x your wager while the cup can duplicate your wager by up to 3x. The playing card images are on the whole worth a similar worth, going from 0.2x to 2x your wager. 

Greek Gods Conclusion 

The Greek gods slot game is a well-designed Greek folklore slot, an invitation to expand the range of folklore based online casino slots. This one is not only distinguished by such splendid symbols and work of mythological art, it has also earned a name for winning a godly amount of free spins! Join the divine Hera and Zeus for an eternally mightful, frightful and delightful slot game, in Pragmatic Plays Greek Gods Slot! 

Well, the graphics are clean, clear and easy on the eyes, if not too original. The soundtrack is pleasant, although not really anything that may remind the player that this is a slot themed on an ancient Mediterranean culture The reels are set between the columns of what is presumably Olympia, the temple of Zeus. Unfortunately only two of the gods make their appearance on this slot game which is rather disappointing since Greek mythology is by far one of the richest and character laden mythologies in the world. The interface is set against a background of a dramatic Mediterranean twilight depicting all shades of gold hues. Gold frames adorn some of the cards, decorated with signature patterns from the ancient Greek world. Pragmatic Play has created this medium to high volatility slot game which has a RTP of 96.5%, but this has its variations as it is based on many spins indeed. It’s not a boring game to play and can be quite lucrative if the player catches it right and ripe. The highlight of Greek Gods Slot is the wheel of fortune as this is where the whole game changes momentum and presents the punter with some serious winning potential. This part of the game truly saves it and makes it worth having a go at.


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