Rambo Slot Game

Among all the post Vietnam heroes to appear in the eighties, none perhaps have been as iconic as the great American veteran, John J. Rambo who won the hearts of millions of people from all over the world. A character that aspired to vindicate a cruel, unforgiving war which left a generation of young men seeking answers to questions they were too afraid to ask. Here is the story of a man.  A man, who managed to survive against all odds only to meet his nemesis once more. Help him on this one last mission . Profit from the abundant  spoils of war as you help him collect the armored vehicles, equipment and ammunition that he needs  once again, to take on and be victorious over his adversaries.

Rambo - Unique Features

There are two main interesting features which stand out in this iSoftBet slot game that make it decisively more attractive and original game. The interface is set with five reels, as most Slot games are, however these are different to the usual run on the mill reels. Reels 1 and 5 are standard and the shortest of the 5 reels with 3 rows of symbols. Reels 2 and 4, each have 4 rows of symbols and the middle reel is the longest and displays 5. These, altogether boast a staggering 720 win ways. A grand opportunity, where all you need to land on the reels is any 3 similar symbols, from left to right, and you’re laughing! Be careful to select the credit value of your coin wisely, as this will consequently have a effect on the value of your pay outs. Pay outs on the lower paying symbols are as modest as 50 credits, the value of which will be entirely to your discretion. Balancing between the coin denomination and bet range can make a significant difference on winnings, but all aspects have to be considered well. Volatility, as well as the type of jack pots the game hosts are main factors, if one is to try and maximize the potential.

Free Spins and Jackpots

At the very start of the free spin feature a symbol is selected. Which of the symbols is selected is very important as this is to become the expanding feature on the reels for the duration of the free spins and determines much of the value of the payouts, hence the value of the wins awarded by the expanded symbol. This is picked from all the symbols of the slot game that are displayed as they rotate horizontally. Once this is selected, it will cover an entire reel when it appears during the free spins. This, together with the wild, which can also land, can give rise to some substantial accumulative payouts due to the numerous possibilities of the game.

Rambo is the Trigger

Rambo is key! The free spins feature goes into action when a minimum of 3 Rambo scatter cards land on your reels. This will follow by 5 free spins. But, for every additional scatter in a roll, the player is awarded a further 5 spins, plus an instant multiplier of 5X that can reach up to 15X depending on the number of Scatters you land.

Progressive Jackpots

Rambo Slot Game features a series of 4 progressive jackpots and the hand grenade, being the scatter card , is what is required to get the show off the ground. These are the appropriately referred to as the Stealthy, which is the smallest of the series and is set off with 5 hand grenades in a row. Then comes the bravery with 6. Next is Honor where you need to land 7 for and finally there’s explosive which requires 8 hand grenades and is the biggest jackpot of them all.

Rambo Slot Game Conclusion

A great game which combines some original, fun features and good pay out possibilities. The graphics are adequate and very reflective of the theme. dingy and dull. Very reminiscent of battle ground ambiance. A splash of orange simulates the rusty overture of worn out and battle soiled equipment. The background is open to opinion as this may vary enormously from person to person, but anyone who has watched the 2008 sequel of the Rambo series can relate. Another slot game from iSoftBet which is designed to entertain and which comprises excitement from both a fun as well as a monetary perspective.

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