Robin Hood's Wild Forest

Robin Hood's Wild Forest Slot Game

Another visit to Sherwood Forest, but this time from a totally different view point. Red Tiger’s Robin Hood’s Wild Forest Slot has its focus firmly set on some the members of the Merry Band Of Thieves and their individual characters which brings to the player a fresh outlook on this much used theme and tale. This slot game takes three of the main characters of these much loved gang of forest bandits and once again portrays them as heroes whom to many they were providing you were poor and living off the tilling of the land belonging to the rich and mean landlords of old. Of course, if you belonged to the richer end of society, they were nowt but a bunch of pillaging thieves who ambushed well off travelers who happen to be travelling in Sherwood Forest. Here we will have the pleasure to meet some of the band including the beautiful damsel herself, the lovely Maid Marian who showers us all with her kisses and her spoils. Little John, who is anything,  but. A six foot plus giant whose sheer strength sends all the low value cards a-tumbling and cascading to make way for better bounties for the players to collect and last but not least, the charming man, himself, the famous, or infamous Robin Hood, the leader of the pack, much hated by Prince John, the sheriff of Nottingham and the Bishop of Heresford for outwitting them all and winning the hearts of the common folk.

First impressions

The graphics of Robin Hood’s Wild Forest are among those of the better designed interfaces you find on slot games. It comes with 5 reels, each with 3 rows incorporating 10 pay lines. These are set within a medieval wooden frame structure against a background of what looks like a dingy basement full of the stolen loot that was supposed to be distributed among the impoverished. There are the standard black jack cards and as usual they are the lower value symbols. The high value symbols are the lion emblem that pays out 300 coins for 5, 100 coins for 4 and 30 for 3. The bag of gold comes in second with 150 coins for 5 and 50 coins for 4, third is Robin Hood’s cap which pays a maximum of 80 coins and the tankard at 50 coins for 5. Finally come the 10, jack, queen, king and ace which pay out a maximum of 12, 14, 16 and 18 coins respectively.

Special features and character wilds

This slot game features a regular wild which substitutes for all other symbols to help create, or complete winning combinations. However there are 3 additional, special features which are complemented by some very fine graphics and animations that are quite unique. Let’s begin with the Maid Marian Wilds feature. This young lady randomly appears on the reels and blows kisses that rain down onto the reels in the shape of hearts and where these hearts land, they turn regular symbols into additional wilds which can help create some lucrative combinations. If she’s in a really good mood, she may even blow some more! Little John’s Cascade feature. This gentle giant has his own way of getting things done. He slams his arm with such force that he creates a cascade. This shatters the lower value symbols that are on the reels and are then replaced by higher value symbols that naturally create winning combinations with higher pay outs. A repeat of this feature is also possible this time to crumble those symbols which were not part of any winning combinations. The Robin Hood Respin feature is where this master archer guides his arrows, with great precision towards their targets and whatever his chosen high value symbol is sticks for the respin which is then repeated until no more matching symbols, or wilds land on the reels. He may also decide to shoot additional arrows at will to keep the respins going a little longer! Furthermore, if you should land multiple combinations of the above, you are in for both feature rewards which are then set off in sequence, laying the path for some potentially higher pay outs!

One last look. The opinion

Robin Hood’s Wild Forest is definitely not a boring slot to play. The Red Tiger team have put in those magic ingredients which go to make a slot game stimulating and a fun experience. It is truly nothing short of amazing how such an overly flogged theme can be presented in an altogether new light. The slot mechanics are smooth running and the graphics, as well as the animations are superb. The soundtrack and sound effects are also pleasant and do not drill your head after spending some time listening to it. What it does lose some points on however, is the monetary side of it. This is a medium variance slot with an RTP of 95.68% which is rather lower than what is currently being produced by other gaming companies. Next come the pay outs . It is true that slot games which claim some ridiculously high potential will have probably been replaced by newer versions before any such wins are had, but knowing there is a chance, no matter how slim, is better than being told there’s no chance at all. This best you can hope for in this slot for a full display of the highest value symbol is 300x your bet and the maximum potential is well short of 1000x which does not do much to those punters who aspire to hit a home run. So basically, the only ones playing this slot game will probably be those who play slots to help pass the time in waiting rooms and all the other punters who pay a little more attention to the math model will not find much to attract them, which is  a sad shame because it is really one of the finer machines you can play on line.

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  5. I don't think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

  6. I don't think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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