Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile Slot Game

Of Pyramid and Pharaohs, In the world of the online gambling industry, Treasure Nile slot game stands out. Few themes have captured the imagination as much as that of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The mere mention of the word pyramid is enough to steer fantastic images of the great trio of Giza and their mystic wonders. Many books have been written, which later inspired epic movies. Today this unique epoch in the history of the human race has very often become the theme of on line slot games. Here is one such slot game. Treasure Nile comprises all that is Egyptian plus the possibility to make some serious monetary gains as you embark on a journey across the magical Sahara on your way towards the most mystical of them all , the three great pyramids of Giza.

Treasure Nile. Face and Value

Microgaming brings to you what is perhaps one of the most stress free slot games available on line. This Egyptian theme slot comes with very sharp and vivid graphics set against  deep colours, vivid symbols that almost reach out from the screen and easy to follow interface. Ten symbols which depict all that represents this wondrous  period in the history of mankind, plus a wild and a scatter. 3 rows on 5 reels boasting 9 pay lines which go left to right, as well as right to left. A smooth and enjoyable game to sit back, spin those reels and wait for the payouts to begin and yet for the more optimistic punter who prefers to cut to the chase in hope of the grand Jackpot to roll out! Not many features here. No bonuses, no free spins. What there is, however, is an impressive and lucrative progressive jackpot that may very well land you a windfall.

Treasures on the Nile

Microgaming created Treasure Nile in the most basic operational form you can hope to get. There are 10 symbols which are all connected to this ancient era of pyramids, Pharaohs and everything that is representative of that mysterious civilization which, to this day, still leaves many a scholar, anthropologists and archaeologists alike, in awesome wonder. How where the pyramids built? What tools did they use? What was the source of their ingenious engineering, and perhaps the most baffling question of them all. Who were the Egyptians?

Treasure Nile, spin and win

Among the higher value symbols on the reels you will find the mask of Tutankamun, the Sphinx, the Ankh, Anibus and an Egyptian necklace. The lower value symbols being the ship, the column and the wheat card. The wild is represented by the Pyramids with a dramatic sunset over the Nile, whereas the scatter is the golden Scarab  Most of these award winnings which, at best, can be described as decent, however there is a handsome and somewhat impressive progressive jackpot which one could say, can be very lucrative for punters. The symbol which rewards the highest payout is the Mask of Tutankamun which dishes out 6000 coins whenever 5 of these appear on the reels, a modest 250 for 4 and 25 for 3. Substantially more, if they happen to land on the line which sets off a series of progressive Jackpots. Next in line comes the Sphinx with 3000 coins for 5 symbols, 1500 coins for 5 heads of the god Anubis and 1000 coins for 5 Anke symbols. The other symbols pay from 600 to 100 coins, with the exception of symbol of Wheat which is the only one that pays out less than 100, at 60 coins for 5. There are no free spins or bonuses in Treasure Nile which makes it a very simplistic game, ideal for someone who is perhaps new to on line gaming and would be satisfied with pressing the spin button repeatedly in hope of hitting the jackpot, since there aren’t even any free spins or bonuses. The Wild, which depicts the 3 major Pyramids of Giza against a background of a desert sunset , substitutes for all other symbols save for the Scarab Beetle which is the Scatter card in Treasure Nile. In addition the Wild card cannot substitute in progressive jackpot combinations.

Progressive Treasure Nile Jackpot

Land Five Tutankamun masks on any pay line and you’ll be pulling in 6000 coins, but landing them on payline 9 will trigger the start of the Progrssive Jackpot which begins at 40,000 coins and increases as the game goes on. This is providing you are playing at the maximum bet level of 4.5 coins per spin. This is by far the best and most exciting part of this slot and will, without a doubt, send blood rushing to your head as it has the potential to make substantially high payouts without much ado. Just hit that spin button and Treasure Nile does the rest as you watch those figures fly above the reels.

Well how does Treasure Nile add up?

Treasure Nile ranks among the most basic of slot games, but its simplicity does not in any way, compromise, or make this a less engaging, or exciting slot game for any type of player to enjoy. With a RTP of 92.11% it does, however, leave a little more to be desired. A medium variance slot game which perhaps is best suited for beginners, as it does not have any complicated features that may require some knowledge about on line gaming, or maybe punters on the other side of the spectrum. Those players who want to go straight for the Jackpots. Its functions are plain and simple for anyone to operate and enjoy without having to worry about having missed any tricks. It’s more  or less self explanatory and apart from clicking the spin on the interface, there is nothing much more to do, other than wait for those 5 Tutankhamen Masks to appear and collect the dosh. This colourful slot game is complemented by a pleasant soundtrack of running water and chirping birds that so reminiscent of an oasis paradise. Definitely worth a try!

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