Vampire Senpai

Vampire Senpai Slot Game

A vampire is a uniquely European folklore creature who hails from the realms of the living dead and roams the earth by night to prey on humans, among other creatures, by devouring their blood as they lie in bed asleep. A Sanpai, on the other hand, is a Japanese term for teacher, someone who enjoys some form of seniority, or respect in society, but it could even mean a crush, some sort of infatuation. Meanwhile the setting is positively Chinese, complete with lanterns and traditional Cantonese architecture. So this is the story of a demon, who was born to a sexy blood sucking Romanian bombshell and a respectable nerdy Japanese professor, and who after graduating in Food Science decided to immigrate to China mainly because of the cuisine. Join Vladsan the Jiangshi on his quest for the life force he so craves and wander into the night together in search of victims for him to sink his fangs into and turn them into his own sort, there are souls for him to reap, as well as great bounties for you to collect. Yawn! Can’t it wait till the morning?

Vampire Senpai, The Game

The game comes on a larger format than that which we are used to and has a 5 row interface, on 5 reels that hold no less than 40 paylines that you hit when you land a minimum of 3 matching symbols from left to right, presuming beginning from the first reel. There is a total of seven base game icons in all and that includes the black jack cards, which as usual are the lower pay symbols. Whereas the medium value symbols are the three face symbols which come in green, purple and red complexions and  pay, between 1x to 10x the bet placed. The highest pay outs come from the 3 wild card symbols which dish out 1x and up to 20x the stake on the base game, but can go as high as double that during the special features. Of course, winnings are subject to the bet value of your choice that you select before you start spinning those reels. This can be anywhere between 0.10 coins to 100 coins and may render the maximum potential payout you can hope for, which is 8,894x you stake.

Talisman Wilds

The Talisman Wild appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and awards a free spin whenever one lands. This card can substitute for any regular pay line symbol, but not feature, to complete or create winning combinations. This is a sticking wild and will remain on the reels until the feature ends. In addition the value of the Talisman wild increases should you manage to land 5 in combination during the free spins feature and will double from 20x to 40x

Vampires turn wilds

Vampire wilds, like the notorious folklore creatures vampires are able to transform humans into vampires like themselves whenever they sink their incisor fangs into the necks of their unsuspecting victims. So whenever a vampire wild lands next to any of the 3 human symbols, it turns around and bites them. This turns them into wilds akin to themselves making this one of the more innovative animations of the slot. This humorous feature is repeated for as long as there are adjacent human symbols to transform and can very well be the beginning of a remarkable chains of events that will render some truly substantial windfalls for the players. This is also one of the more lucrative stages of the game. In addition, just like the Talisman wild, the player is awarded a free spin each time a Vampire wild lands on the reels

The Scatter Card

The scatter card, which cannot be substituted by a wild, in this slot game is the Golden Bell symbol and is what triggers the Reanimated Free Spins feature.. When a minimum of 3 scatters appear anywhere on the reels during the base game, they will set off 7 free spins. 4 scatters will set off 9 spins and 5 scatters will trigger 12 free spins, during which should a vampire wild land, it remains in position and does what it does to benefit the player throughout the entire feature.

Vampire Senpai conclusion

The first impression of this slot game was not a very competitive one. In fact the first reaction was what a departure from Quickspin’s normal high standards in both pay and play. The name, itself is an oxymoron and the graphics are toyish and totally out of sync with the title. However, the game has an equally toyish feel to it and is certainly not out to impress with its graphics or make any sort of statement. It is a funny piss take of an otherwise creepy theme. What I fail to understand is where the Chinese, or even the Asian connection comes into it. The game pay lines, payouts and awards seem to have been spread and stretched out a little too thinly, but the humourous, animated features of hopping and biting wilds are bound to go some way towards  making this slot game a more interesting game to play, as the base game is not very stimulating. The slot game’s maximum potential is a rather respectable x8,800 the stake and comes with a medium volatility rating together with an RTP of 96.19%. It is not a ground breaking slot game, although one may not find much to fault about it as it gives the impression of being just another run on the mill, perhaps best suited for those who get tired of looking at the same interface. The graphics are dark and grotesque and the presence of a pretty red female, which incidentally happens to have the highest value of the 3 faces, is in sharp contrast with the rest of what appears on and around the reels. This slot game is due to be released in July this year and I look forward to seeing how it will be received. 

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